In the dead of the night

When sorrows fill men’s heart,

In the cold of winter,

When sleep is sweeter than wine.

A stranger’s hand tapped me awake,

I tore my heavy eyes open and beheld not a shadow,

With a long deep sigh, I rolled back into my warm blanket,

And gradually translated into the worlds unknown.

Again, the stranger’s hand tapped me to awake,

This time with a soft whisper of love “awake for thy love calleth thee”.

At once strength like a river surged into my heart,

For my Lord my Love bids me fellowship with him.

My love longs for intimacy with me in secret and solitary places,

Lo, I shall arise and sing Him the songs of the spirit,

Yea, I shall call him “My Senior Partner” for he loves to hear those words from my lips.

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