Mind What You Mind

A balloon can be filled with carbon dioxide gas or helium gas. Usually, a helium filled balloon goes up because the helium and the balloon are lighter than the air it displaces while a carbon dioxide filled balloon goes down because the volume of air displaced by the balloon is less than the weight of the balloon and the gas inside. The human mind is like a balloon and the quality of a person’s life depends on what is filling his/her mind.

Interestingly, you are the one to decide what you fill your mind with, whether it is a substance that makes you go up like the helium balloon or the one that keeps you down like the carbon dioxide filled balloon.

Unfortunately, so many young people do not mind what goes into their mind. Only very few consciously fill their minds with positive facts, information and images that can propel them up in life. A majority of others are filling theirs with negative information and images that will keep impeding their progress in life.

For instance, a young man who decides to fill his mind with immoral imaginations, pornographic pictures and movies is already sinking deep into the ocean of destruction, and except he breaks free from such destructive habit, he will become like the carbon dioxide filled balloon that keeps going down to the mud – a nonentity. If you fill your life with junk, it will produce junk. Whatever you garbage in will eventually garbage out.

Dear reader, it is very important you control what enters your mind because your mind is your life’s creation centre. Whatever your mind can’t create, you can’t become. The mind is like a camera, it captures the picture of your imaginations and stores it in your mind memory where you can retrieve it anytime. I need you to know that your mind is more powerful than your brain. It is the component of your soul that controls your will, emotion and intellect. Your brain only controls bodily activities – receiving and interpreting sensory impulses. But these impulses are transduced to the realm of the mind where decisions are made and then actions are taken. 

Every human invention was first made in the mind. The wright brothers flew the airplane first in their mind before they started working with their hands to produce it. William Shakespeare first watched his dramas on his mind-tv channel before he could narrate it on paper. Even God first saw light in his mind before He could say “let there be light, and there was light” (Gen.1:3 KJV). It is clear at this point that you decide what fills your mind whether junk or jewel. Be informed also that your progress in life is dependent on your mindset. Your mindset is simply your thought pattern. In 2016, I designed a formula which I called “N.I.G’s success equation” it states that “your mindset is the determinant of your goal set and your goal set begets your achievement. i.e. Mindset (thought pattern) = goal set (vision/dream) = achievement (output/result)”. 

What if a person has already filled his mind with so much junk, any remedy? Oh Yes, there is. Am a biologist with an acute love for molecular biology. One of the most interesting discoveries made in molecular biology is the fact that body cells can be reprogrammed! Cell reprogramming is simply the process of changing the identity and function of a cell using tools and methods that don’t naturally occur in the life of an organism during its development and growth.

Since cell reprogramming is possible, I have also found that mind reprogramming is possible too. It doesn’t matter how much your mind might have been polluted with unprofitable facts and information, there is a method and a tool that can change its identity and function. The bible speaks of a mind reprogramming therapy in Rom. 12:2 “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing (reprogramming) of your mind…” (KJV). The word of God is the instrument for reprograming your mind for excellence. My lord Jesus Christ is a specialist Mindiovascular surgeon with a track record of successful mind surgeries. He delivered me from immoral thoughts, mediocrity, and inferiority complex. He can deliver you too if you will make him your personal lord and saviour today. God bless you!

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God bless you!

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