First Edition of Moments of Inspiration with GNF


During my primary school days, there was a popular biography every pupil learnt to recite. It’s a biography I hate to remember. It reads: “Solomon Grunday…Born on Monday… Christened on Tuesday…Married on Wednesday…Took ill on Thursday…Worse on Friday…Died on Saturday…Buried on Sunday…This is the end of Solomon Grunday”.

Unfortunately, an insipid biography like this is celebrated by an apathetic society that promotes success without impact which I consider a grave sin against humanity. It is my opinion therefore that what our society needs most is not just entrepreneurs but ‘impactpreneurs’. We don’t need just elites, we need elites who have the light. We don’t even need more political leaders, we simply need more leaders in politics. Our schools and colleges are in serious want of teachers and lecturers with a burning passion to make a difference in the lives of their students beyond class room hours.

Today’s program was born out of a passion to promote the culture of excellence and productivity amongst young people. It is in accordance with the mission of the Gideon Nwankwo Foundation which is: To raise a godly generation of young people who shall become agents of social, political, economic, and religious transformation in Africa and beyond. I am particularly delighted to inform you that our guest of honour, Engr. Dr. Chigbo Mgbemene is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He received the B. Eng. Degree in 1991, M. Eng. degree in 2002 and PhD in January 2011 in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Currently, he teaches at the Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He participates in both local and international researches across different disciplines.

In 2010, he researched with Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland in the use of agricultural waste products (maize cobs, rice husks and groundnut shells) in the production of building panels. In 2011, he also participated in the University Lecturers Skills Enhancement Training Programme, Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

He was a Fulbright scholar to University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA from 2006 – 2007 where he carried out his doctoral research work. In 2014, he went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA on the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) Africa Empowering the Teachers Fellowship. He has published in notable international journals in his field. Dr. Mgbemene is a registered engineer and a member of numerous professional and scholarly societies.

This maiden edition of “Moments of Inspiration” is featuring a life transforming talk on innovation and creativity management. It is important that I intimate you with the fact that innovation is the brain child of creativity. Every person seated here has a rich deposit of innovative ideas that if harnessed and developed could meet a lot of socio-economic challenges. Creativity is usually born out of a desire to solve a problem amidst pressing predicaments. Whenever creative ideas are implemented, the result is innovation. This is why creativity and innovation are inseparable tools for building youth capacity for maximum productivity. I have no doubt that tonight’s forum shall wake up the innovative spirit within you and propel you to develop an ingenuity that will keep you out of the rat race for employment in the labour market.

I warmly welcome you to this forum and I urge you to relax and participate fully in every segment of the event. Thank you for honoring our invitation. God bless you!

President, Gideon Nwankwo Foundation (GNF)

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