Weep not at my grave when I am dead,

Sing me not the dirge of cold nights,

Sing instead the rhymes of the Willows,

Chant all day the lullabies of the pixies,

Light not a candle, for my spirit shines brighter than the sun,

Rain not a curse on Mr. Death, for I am alive in the hearts of men,

Put me not in a gold casket for my substance is greater than gold, Engrave instead on my tombstone “He is dead yet speaking”

All the days of my life did I spend in uncharted paths,

I sought virgin routes to find life’s meaning,

I was a prisoner of curiosity, but I gained wisdom because curiosity killed only cats in my world,

I found a path walked by millions yet my substance made me weird to that path,

I found wisdom in the ancient scroll of divinity,

Yea, in it found I the uncharted path to my destiny,

Weep not my beloved, for death lost its pride in me,

Death died in me because the reality of my existence echoes in the hearts of men,

Weep not for I am not dead, my footprints lives in the sands of time.

(Dedicated to the unborn generations of Gideon Nwankwo)

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God bless you!

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